The Pioneering Duo of NAFCT

The Pioneering Duo of NAFCT

Meet the Drivers Behind The Cause

The new National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT)was developed with the purpose to improve the flooring industry by partnering with subject matter experts, manufacturers, and other flooring associations to provide accessible, affordable, advanced education and certification programs.To accomplish this, the NAFCT organization will work together to greatly assist in the installation shortage of the flooring industry by bringing quality, comprehensive training directly to the installer.

Behind the scenes of this NAFCT endeavor are two highly experienced and knowledgeable industry experts –Sonny Callaham, Chairman and Paul Pleshek, Executive Director. Both flooring professionals have held diverse roles within the industry and have served on many committees and Board of Directors for first-class organizations. Sonny came to the industry through installation, sales and manufacturing segments, while Paul started in the floor maintenance division and progressed on to inspection, consulting and expert witness roles. Their divergent experiences and perspectives have greatly assisted in the development of the NAFCT association. Sonny and Paul co-found and began the non-profit NAFCT association with the firm belief,the first step to the road to success is by education; continuously learning and improving through comprehensive and advanced training.Understanding the value and need of highly skilled and qualified technicians,Paul and Sonny are committed to improve the flooring industry through training and to build NAFCT as the “Go-To” association for future focused floor training and certifications to the point it becomes an industry standard.

Sonny Callaham has over 30 years of hands-on floor industry experience with all aspects of residential and commercial installations, sales and trainings. Since starting out installing various flooring types, he has always held a high regard to the installation process.Key positions Sonny has held includes, Project Manager to large flooring contractors, as well as serving as Manufacturer Representative, prior to joining Para-Chemin 2006. He was the Technical & Product Manager for H.B. Fuller, when he left in 2017.

“I look forward to developing strategic training and certification programs with our founding partners, industry experts, key manufacturers –along with our strong NAFCT team –all working determinedly to improve the industry’s installation shortage of highly qualified technicians. As we continue developing our diverse and robust training programs, NAFCT is welcoming interested manufacturers and companies looking to join our endeavor to assist in bridging this gap and bringing low, no cost trainings directly to the installer,” proclaims Sonny Callaham, NAFCT Chairman.

Paul Pleshek, Executive Director of NAFCT, is a multifaceted floor industry expert with decades of high-quality, collaborative experience through direct involvement,execution and management of various flooring segments, including maintenance, inspection, installation, restoration, and training.Dedicated to growth and success, he actively participates with many leading associations and has earned many flooring certifications. Paul is regarded as an outstanding leader and proven subject matter expert with significant knowledge of flooring materials, substrates and environments.

“I am proud of my impact on the industry and the successes along the way. I want to use my experience and work to improve the industry and encourage technicians and installers to continuously raise the bar for the expectations of floor installations, inspections, restorations, etc. The new NAFCT will work with flooring installers and technicians to uphold the pride of craftsmanship through enhanced experience, knowledge and expertise by partnering with flooring manufacturers for comprehensive, specific training segments,“ says Paul Pleshek, NAFCT Executive Director.

The NAFCT duo also host a podcast on YouTube, covering “all things flooring,” called Floor U Podcast. Sonny and Paul use this forum to have guests from all corners of the flooring industry, such as manufacturers, retailers, installers, carpet cleaners, restorers and inspectors. The podcast focuses on sharing experiences, learning from experts and discussing technical information to make anyone in the flooring industry better informed and more knowledgeable to advance within the industry.Check out the Floor U Podcast on

In January 2021, NAFCT will be launching specific training segments, compiled with key industry partners and manufacturers. NAFCT is looking to build a diverse, robust program and welcoming companies to be a significant part of this noble initiative. Or, if you are interested in becoming a NAFCT member and would like to take an active role improving our industry through training, join a NAFCT committee today. Visit and connect with us on social media @NAFCT4U to learn more.

Founded in 2020, National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) trade association formed with the purpose to improve the flooring industry by partnering with industry experts, manufacturers, and other flooring associations to provide accessible, affordable, advanced training and certification programs. NAFCT was developed to assist in bridging this gap and to develop low, no cost structured certified training programs directly to the installer. Visit ​​ or @NAFCT4U on Facebook, Twitter andInstagram to learn more.

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