Frequently Asked Questions

We offer various membership levels. Please visit the JOIN page for details.
Absolutely. Simply click on the JOIN link to get started.
To create a directory listing, follow these easy steps:
  1. Click into the directory you wish to create a listing for, scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click the 'GET LISTED NOW' button. Alternatively you can also go into MY ACCOUNT, then on the left side click on the directory name, then click the + button.
  2. Register or login.
  3. Select a listing option.
  4. Create your listing.
  5. Done!
All listings are put into a pending status for review, and usually approved within one business day.
After claiming or creating your listing if you wish to edit it, follow these steps:
  1. Locate your listing: This can be done via two methods after you are logged in:
    • Go to listing page.
    • Go to MY ACCOUNT > then click the directory name that your listing belongs to.
  2. Editing Option:
    • Listing page: On top right of your listing, click on the settings gear icon, then click EDIT link.
    • My Account > Directory page: Click the settings gear icon next to your listing and click EDIT link.
  3. Update your listing as desired, then click the UPDATE button.
  4. Done!
To cancel your current membership and directory listings, follow these steps:
  1. Visit the MY ACCOUNT page and login.
  2. On the left menu click on SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  3. Next to your subscription of choice, click the CANCEL button.
If you ever wish to restart your membership at a later time, simply follow the same steps and click "RESTART".
After placing your order and creating your listing, your listing will go into a temporary "Pending" status. One of our admins will review your listing, approve it, then you will get an email from our website when your listing is live. Typical approval time is up to two business days.