NAFCT three day training event in Calhoun, GA to complete two certifications for subfloor prep and reilient installation


Training will include subfloor prep and resilient installation certifications.

NAFCT is excited to host a three day training event at MAPEI’s facility in Calhoun, GA this February 21st – 23rd. The event will offer participants the ability to complete two flooring installation certifications for Subfloor Prep and Resilient Modular Installation. This event is proudly supported by Divergent Adhesives, MAPEI USA, Novalis US, LLC, Roppe Holding Company, and Shaw Industries Group, Inc.. 

February 21st Training – Subfloor Prep

On February 21, participants will attend the in-person training portion of the Substrate and Subfloor Prep Certification course. In addition to the in-person training, attendees will receive access to the online course curriculum so that they can complete the certification. Learning objectives for the  Substrate and Subfloor Prep certification course include, understanding of: wood and concrete subfloor construction and components, problems and courses, thick pur gypsum underlayment and respirable silica.

February 22nd and 23rd Training – Resilient Modular Installation

Then, on February 22nd and 23rd, NAFCT will host the inaugural Resilient Modular Installation Certification training. This certification course provides both an online and in-person curriculum; designed to further develop the installers skills and knowledge for successful flooring installations of click, loose-lay, and glue down resilient products. Information will include product knowledge, terminology, adhesives, sound control, and product installation. On February 23, as part of the certification process, attendees will participate in an installation evaluation.

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To register for this event, attendees can visit “New, enhanced and ongoing training services are needed to elevate the skilled trade status of flooring installers,” said Paul Pleshek, Executive Director and Co-founder of NAFCT. “We [NAFCT] are pleased to offer our newest certification for resilient flooring installation,” says Pleshek.”

Co-founder and Chairman, Sonny Callaham added, “It only takes one failure for an  installer to go out of business. Training, participation and learning ‘ONE-THING’ could be the difference in one’s success.”          


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NAFCT announces three day training event in Calhoun, GA at MAPEI's manufacturing plant on February 21, 22, and 23

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NAFCT three day training event in Calhoun, GA to complete two certifications for subfloor prep and reilient installation

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