Webinar: Protecting Floor Coverings with LATICRETE Moisture Mitigation Systems


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Live webinar will be held Tuesday, August 17 at 11am ET. This webinar will be recorded.

Presenter: Aaron Abbott, Senior Technical Product Manager, LATICRETE International, Inc.

About the Webinar:

In this live webinar, we will be discussing the What, Why, and How of moisture mitigation using LATICRETE products. Humidity and moisture in concrete slabs has been a major headache for the flooring industry for decades, but solutions are available.

Learning Objectives:

  1. You will learn some basics about why (and when) moisture mitigation products are needed to protect floor goods, and risks associated with installing floor coverings over moist concrete, and how modern epoxy-based mitigation products can help.
  2. We will discuss what products are available from LATICRETE to mitigate moisture vapor emission from concrete, some of the features and benefits, and how to choose.
  3. We’ll also discuss how to install the LATICRETE products, the tools and supplies that will help you, and how to insure a top-quality installation that will permanently protect the floor from moisture emissions.

About the presenter:

Aaron Abbott, Senior Technical Product Manager with LATICRETE International, is a building materials industry veteran, and is responsible for product and application technology, education, outreach, and helping customers plan for and execute perfect flooring projects. Since 2005, Aaron has specialized in substrate preparation and flooring systems, and has worked with architects, specifiers, contractors, and building owners across the country and internationally.