Carpet Inspector Certification Event

The Carpet Inspection Certification Event is designed to offer attendees a comprehensive, hands-on educational experience in the intricacies of carpet inspection, ensuring their success in the field. Participants will also gain exclusive access to NAFCT’s Subfloor Prep for Inspectors Course and the Report Writing Class, both leading to certificates of completion.

Over the first three days of the event, Andrew Fronczek and Will Stoner from ITS will lead an immersive 3-day hands-on training session, providing insights into identifying manufacturing-related defects, installation-related damages, seam construction issues, and inspection techniques tailored to specific seam construction methods, among other valuable topics.

For those with an interest in commercial carpet inspection, the Commercial Carpet Inspector Course on June 20th is a must-attend. This segment will delve into the nuances of various commercial carpet products, backing systems, installation methods, and inspection procedures.


June 11 | Report Writing Online Course | 9am CT to 2pm CT

June 17 – 19 | Carpet Inspector Course | 8am

June 20 | Commercial Carpet (Advanced) Course* | 8am

*To attend only the Advanced Carpet Inspector Event on June 20, attendee must have previously obtained a carpet inspector certification.

Detailed Event Schedule

Learning Objectives and Mill Tour

  • Role of an Inspector
  • Fiber & Yarn Type
  • Carpet Dying
  • Carpet Styles
  • Overview of Manufacturing
  • Carpet Dying
  • Carpet Backing
  • Mohawk Mill Tour following lunch

Learning Objectives

  • Subfloor/Substrate
  • Installation & Seams
  • CRI-105
  • Understanding & Identifying Manufacturing Defects
  • Understanding & Identifying Installation Issues
  • Understanding & Identifying Maintenance Issues
  • Understanding & Identifying End User Abuse and Misconceptions

Learning Objectives

  • A Review of Concerns and Inspection Techniques
    • Wear, Texture, and Performance Issues (Including Pattern Loss)
    • Corn Rowing
    • Sidematch (Color & Texture)
      • Paper & Pencil Test
      • Shadow Box
    • Protruding Tufts/Loops (Sprouting & Slub Yarns) & Pulls
    • Shedding, Fuzzing, & Pilling
      • Bundle Wrap vs. Bundle Penetration
      • Consumer Damage
      • Installer Damage
    • Light and Shadows
    • Pile Reversal, Shading, & Pooling (Watermarking)
    • Seam Issues (Visibility, Peaking, Delamination & Other Installation-Related Concerns)
    • Wrinkles, Bubbles, & Puckers
    • Bow, Skew, & Pattern Elongation
    • Lines, Streaks, & Bands
      • Manufacturing-Related
      • Installation-Related
    • Fading/Color Change
    • Spots, Stains, & Soiling Issues
      • Pet Stains
    • Indentations
    • Yarn Degradation
  • Report Writing
  • Spotting & Carpet Cleaning
  • Warranties
  • Lab Testing

ITS Commercial Carpet Inspector Course

(Including Woven & Natural Fibers)

  • Understanding Commercial Products & Installation Techniques
    • Direct Glue
      • Adhesive Transfer
      • Seam Sealing
    • Carpet Tiles
    • Attached Cushion
    • Double-Glue
      • Glued Seams vs. Hot-Melt
    • Introduction to Woven & Natural Fibers
  • Subfloors & Moisture Testing
  • Concerns and Inspection Techniques
    • Pattern Match
      • Bow, Skew, Elongation
      • How Installers are supposed to address elongation -Use of a Deadman and Crab Stretcher
      • How to measure and calculate
    • Sidematch
    • Seam Issues
    • Pile Reversal, Shading, & Pooling (Watermarking)
    • Pile Compaction/Perceived Fading or Color Loss
    • Wear/Performance
    • Pile Crushing in Blends
    • Delamination
    • Indentation
    • Photo Bleaching in Wool
    • Spots & Stains
  • Transitions
  • Jobsite Protection

Dalton Convention Center

2211 Tony Ingle Parkway, Dalton, GA 30720

Hotel Information


4-DAY Attendee – EARLY BIRD RATE – $1990

3-DAY Attendee – EARLY BIRD RATE – $1495

1-DAY Attendee – EARLY BIRD RATE – $495

*Early bird rates end May 1, 2024


4-DAY Attendee – $2200

3-DAY Attendee – $1600

1-DAY Attendee – $600

Your Opportunity to Earn Multiple Certifications

Please read below for requirements needed to qualify for available certifications.



In order to receive the ITS Certified Carpet Inspector designation, the following are required of each person:

  • Complete of the 3-Day Carpet Inspector Course (June 17-19).
  • Minimum of 3 years in the flooring business.


In order to receive the ITS Certified Commercial Carpet Inspector, the following are required of each person:

  • Completion of Commercial Carpet Inspector Course (June 20).
  • Completion of Carpet Inspector Course through ITS or another certifying body.
  • Minimum of 5 years in the flooring business.


In order to receive the NAFCT Certified Carpet Inspector designation, the following are required of each person:

  • 10 years industry experience.
  • Take and pass the Subfloor Prep for Inspectors Online Course. Complete by June 16. If you have previously completed the NAFCT Subfloor Prep Course, you do not have to retake it.
  • New inspectors, meaning those who have not been certified for inspection by any inspector certifying body, must attend the Report Writing Online Course on June 11 from 9am CT to 2pm CT. (All registrants are welcome to attend).
  • New inspectors who wish to bypass the online report writing course must submit two (2) redacted (No manufacturer, installer, retailer, product information visible on submitted reports)  inspection reports by June 3.
  • After completion of the Carpet Inspector Event – June 17-20 – take the online final exam for carpet inspection.

NAFCT Subfloor Prep for Inspectors Online Course

Included in your registration is access to the Subfloor Prep for Inspectors Course.

An in-depth education on subfloor materials, prep and construction.

Topics include:

  • Wood Subfloors and Underlayment Materials
  • Wood Subfloor Construction
  • Components of Concrete
  • Concrete Subfloor Construction and Placement
  • Concrete Problems and Causes
  • Thick Pour Gypsum Underlayment
  • Respirable Silica

Certificate of completion will be awarded when all learning modules, accompanying quizzes and the final exam are completed and receive a minimum of 80% score.

To access the online course:

  1. Log into your NAFCT account at
  2. Scroll down to My Courses (left hand side)
  3. Click on My Courses
  4. Select Subfloor Prep for Inspectors