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Glen Walker
196 Rio Circle, Georgia 30030, United States
Business Description / Bio

The Construction Resources family of businesses was born in 1970 when Fred E. Hires Senior and his partners opened Atlanta Marble Manufacturing in Decatur, Georgia. For the next 26 years, with cultured marble as its only product offering, Atlanta Marble experienced modest growth. Fred’s sons, Mitch and Sonny Hires, grew up working in the business and in 1996, were able to purchase their father’s partners’ interest in the company. They immediately saw an opportunity to diversify their product offering and expanded into kitchen countertops, opening Atlanta Kitchen. The company’s success led to other complementary design and construction products, including flooring, and expansion into other states in the Southeast.

Additional Information
Service Types
Commercial, Residential
Flooring Types
Carpet, Hardwood, Resilient, Stone/ceramic, Subfloors

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